Apex International collaborates with DewaFlex to broaden market support in France (offset/label) and Belgium (label)


Hapert, THE NETHERLANDS (March 7th, 2018) – Apex International, the world’s largest manufacturer of precision coating and ink transfer technology products, has entered into a collaboration with DewaFlex to enhance market support in France and Belgium.  The agreement will see DewaFlex focus on the offset/label markets in France and label market in Belgium, while the Apex technical sales team will focus efforts in the flexible packaging and corrugated industries in France (José Moreira, Jean-Pierre Verne and Carole Binczyk) and in Belgium (Edwin Spijkers), also responsible for offset business.. In addition to a range of reputable flexo and offset products, DewaFlex also provides a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program for anilox rolls.

Established in 2013, DewaFlex is a commercial agent and distributor of flexo and related printing solutions throughout France and the Benelux. With a team of 13 employees, DewaFlex offers an extensive range of flexo and offset products including plate mounting machines, slitter/rewinders, mounting sleeves, and anilox rolls.  

Another specialty of DewaFlex is their offering of solutions and services to optimize cleaning and maintenance of anilox rolls through their DewaClean program, that provides self-developed daily cleaning products, ultrasonic cleaning machines, and analysis services. The DewaFlex team dedicated to the France and Belgium markets for Apex customers consists of Niels Soenen (Sales), Pieter Dewaele (Owner), and Diederik Van Hove (Customer Service).


Picture, from left: Pieter Dewaele (DewaFlex), José Moreira (Apex International, Area Manager France), Niels Soenen (DewaFlex)

Bas van der Poel, Technical Sales Director EMEA at Apex commented: “With the anilox roll as the heart of the printing process, the key to maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction is providing superior local technical support and services. Through our collaboration with DewaFlex, we now offer printers in France and Belgium additional expertise, in addition to our own highly established sales force in these regions."

Niels Soenen, Sales Manager at DewaFlex sees a fruitful collaboration ahead with Apex for the label market in Belgium and the label and offset markets in France. “The intensive training we received from José Moreira on Apex products, technologies, services and the newly developed Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) technology provided a clear understanding of the technical advantages that define Apex as a world leader.

Bellissima DMS technology has been developed by Hamillroad Software, a UK based prepress software solutions company, and is being distributed by Apex International.

“From my experience with maintenance and cleaning of aniloxes, I often receive feedback about a printer’s anilox suppliers, with very high admiration coming from Apex customers. Another advantage of our collaboration is that Apex focuses, similar to DewaFlex, on partnering with printing companies with the goal to improve their overall printing performance and end results.”

In the coming weeks, DewaFlex and Apex have several joint printer visits to educate the market on Apex anilox quality in combination with DewaFlex’s product range and consultation services including audits, volume measurements, cleaning and maintenance programs for anilox rollers.

About DewaFlex

Since 2013, DewaFlex has helped customers throughout France and the Benelux improve print performance and quality, as a commercial agent and distributor in flexo and related printing industries.

A comprehensive range of print product is offered by DewaFlex such as plate mounting machines, slitter/rewinders, mounting sleeves, and anilox rolls, with reputable brands including JM Heaford, Axcyl, Flexor, Harris & Bruno, PrintConcept, and Apex International.

DewaFlex also specializes in anilox cleaning and maintenance solutions, offering self-developed daily cleaning products, ultrasonic cleaning machines, and analysis services through their DewaClean program (www.dewaclean.net). Visit: www.dewaflex.com

About Apex International

Based in Hapert, Netherlands, Apex International is the world's largest manufacturer of precision flexographic ink-to-plate transfer technology including anilox technology and sleeves for narrow- and wide-web, corrugated, offset and coating applications.

With manufacturing and sales operations on six continents, Apex adds further value by supplying customers with end-to-end anilox or GTT solutions including ink measurement devices, cleaning products, and educational/use-and-care seminars. Reliability, durability and precision are hallmarks of all Apex products. Visit:  www.apex-groupofcompanies.com

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