One-Day Apex Corrugated Beginners Class

By Jeanine Graat | Jul 11, 2017 10:52:34 AM

Have you ever wondered what a hexagonal 60° anilox cell engraving actually looks like? Or considered what vital role it plays in achieving the best results in print on corrugated board? By organizing a one-day training, tailored to the corrugated industry, Apex is providing print professionals with answers to these – and many more – questions by sharing relevant insights, practical knowledge and important background information on the basics of anilox technology.

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The Corrugated Climate - Where the Industry Is Innovating

By Nick Harvey | Mar 31, 2017 5:06:00 PM

At the mercy of changing consumer preferences, brand owner demands, industry trends and a whole litany of other factors, the corrugated packaging market has morphed and evolved quite a bit over the past decade. And as outlined in a new Smithers Pira report, The Future of Global Corrugated Packaging to 2021, things show no sign of standing still.

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How Modern Glue Set Technology is Changing Corrugated

By David McBeth | Mar 6, 2017 6:38:04 PM

Board quality is the foundation for corrugated excellence and therefore the board used directly affects print results. New materials and improved technologies make it possible to manufacture corrugated board to a much higher standard and realize cost savings on glue consumption and required drying capacity.

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The Secret to Better Corrugated Board with Less Starch

By David McBeth | Mar 6, 2017 6:37:46 PM

Consumers in the corrugated industry are demanding a decrease in starch consumption.  And not just for the cost savings either.  Instead, it is the thinner, weaker paper – with weights as low as 80 grams - that are used for gluing board. This type of paper requires the application of less starch, as little starch as possible in fact.

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The Cost of Out-of-Round and Out-of-Parallel Corrugated Glue Rolls

By David McBeth | Mar 6, 2017 6:37:22 PM

It isn’t hard to understand that glue rolls for corrugated machines with excessive TIR (total indicated runout), or glue rolls that aren’t parallel, will cause your corrugator to consume more adhesive.  It’s trickier to calculate how much, and when it makes economic sense to correct the problem.  As long as board quality, productivity, and waste are acceptable, it is tempting to post- pone maintenance.  Reducing the question to a comparison of costs helps managers make informed decisions.

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