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Apex International’s headquarters is based in Hapert, the Netherlands. Apex is the world's largest manufacturer of precision flexographic ink-to-plate transfer technology including anilox rolls and sleeves for narrow- and wide-web, corrugated, offset and coating applications. Have a look inside our state-of-the art facility.


With manufacturing and sales operations on six continents, Apex adds further value by supplying customers with end-to-end anilox or GTT solutions including ink measurement devices, cleaning products, and educational/use-and-care seminars.

Customer focused, Committed to Innovation, The Measure of Quality are hallmarks of Apex International. If you want to be contacted by one of our technical sales professionals for further advice on anilox / metering products, application specifications, to plan a visit, etc. reach out to us here below!!

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About The Author

Jeanine Graat is the Marketing Manager for Apex Europe, specializing in cooperative marketing strategies and is an 18 year veteran of the anilox industry.